24 October 2008

What my wardrobe needs...

...is apparently a good washing. Over at Q's Daydream there was a discovery of a cute dress hidden in a bag in a closet. After reading the post I realized that I needed to rediscover some of my clothing items. I've been feeling down about my clothes and like I have nothing to wear, but that's not true. Most of my wonderful pieces are crammed into my hand wash only basket. Last night I sorted through the pile and washed four vintage dresses. Today it was three dresses, two tops, and a sweater. They should be dry enough by evening for me to do another round. In the process I've found my wonderful 1970s kimono inspired dress, my 1960s yellow mini dress, and my 1950s floral dress with a chartreuse bodice. I also found my thesis defense dress which is a tricky number to wash. It's that one in the bottom right corner. It's black with white vines trailing down the skirt. While I've had black dresses that have bled grey and even brown, I've never had one that bled red. Has anyone else experienced this? It's such a pain to wash because it bleeds so much that it's almost impossible to keep the white vines dye free.

Since I was on such a roll last night I decided it was time to clean out my closet. I did a huge overhaul a year ago, but clearly I was kidding myself with many of the items I kept. I'm not sure why I need a pilled sweater from high school or a skirt that I've had for six years as I attempted to find just the right shirt to go with it. I have five Target sized bags ready for the donation bin and my closet looks much more organized.

In releasing a lot of my worn-out wardrobe I discovered a problem I'm sure many of us share. There's so many articles of clothing that need a standard camisole or belt or sweater to wear with it. Without them, the outfit just doesn't really work. The problem is that I've at some point purchased all of these things, but never replaced them as they wore out. I need to go basics shopping. My list to start with includes:

Black belt
Brown belt
plain camisoles or tanks (black, red, blue...)
Black cardigan

What else should I be looking for?

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