12 November 2008

Moving: Day 1

Today, Arizona, New Mexico, and into Texas. All I have to show for it is 759 miles covered and 10 blurry photographs.

04 November 2008

Quick update

It's official, in a week I'll be moving across the country and back to New York. On such short notice, the packing has been out of control. I manage to do a lot each day, but it doesn't seem to put a dent in the amount of things I have to sort through. I've packed up fifteen boxes of books, sorted through my clothes and shoes, tagged items to donate, called movers, tried to get my car fixed, and got a haircut in just the last few days. I'm extremely excited by this move, I think it will be good for us to see family more often and to get away from the city. I think we're both happiest wandering around in the woods and lazing around in fields. That will have to wait until the summer, for now we'll have to content ourselves with making snow angels and building snow people. I'm excited for hot chocolate and warm blankets and resurrecting my vintage coat collection.

Given that this move is rather rushed, posting on this blog will be rather sporadic. Hopefully I can get some more in before I start driving back, but looking around at the state of my apartment I can't make any promises. For now, I'll just leave some photos of my new haircut. I'm in the process of growing it out and my fabulous hair stylist and friend cut it so that the layers will grow out more evenly. I absolutely love it, but then I love every style he's given me. Maybe now that I'm not cringing at the state of my hair I'll actually post more outfit photos.

Oh and on an additional note, that's a vintage embroidered shirt from the 1970s.