24 June 2010

My Shop Assistants Revealed

Meet my shop assistants: Pipkin, Thursday, and Gilly.


Pip's our kitten. He's just under a year old.  A wonderful local couple found him wandering around their bushes near the road last summer and took care of him until he was healthy.  Then, they found him a home. My husband was resistant to getting a third, especially a second Siamese, but now he'd never give Pip up.  Pip helps out by keeping my feet warm under my desk and holding the string while I attempt to package.


Thursday has been with us since she was a wee kitten.  Now, she's six!  She used to sleep in flower pots and tissue boxes, but has since graduated to baskets.  Here she is making sure it's the right fit for my laundry.  Thursday is my baby. She's bossy but sweet.  She problem solves and causes havoc like no other kitty I know.  She also makes sure she keeps Pip in line.

Gill is eight this year.  She was rescued from a boarding school where she was living off of compost scraps.  She's our sweetest baby, and if we're all honest, not the brightest.  She is the first kitty to curl up in bed at night with me when I'm reading.  Since it's summer, Gil mostly helps out by watching for the mail from her perch on the front porch. 

23 June 2010

Sneak Preview: Today's Excursion

Do you hear me cackling with glee? Because I am, and maybe some mad scientist finger tapping as well.
Today I went on a shopping excursion with my mom. We went to a new place today and did some shopping before stopping for a cup of tea. Re-energized, we tackled a few more stops before heading home.

Here's a sneak peak at what I got and they'll be in the shop shortly.  Sorry for the fuzzy nature of these photos, but the lighting wasn't the best by the time I got home. 

The one that makes me giggle the most with glee? The monkey slip just above here. 

22 June 2010

This or That

A lot of what is posted in the store is from the same woman.  She's living in assisted care and sold off most of her household at auction.  I wish I had met her, this saver of a woman who kept 40 years worth of clothing neatly tucked away in her house.  In going through these clothes I realized that she had a strong aesthetic.  I get it. If you were to go through my clothes you'd find a lot of leopard print shoes and gray shirts.  For the store I find I immediately gravitate toward red skirts.

So here, for today's post, a bit of this or that.  Let me know which of these options you prefer.

1950s floral cotton:

                        Dress #1                                                                                              Dress #2

Yellow cotton:

                                         Dress #1                                                                                   Dress #2

Blue Roses:

                        Dress  #1                                                                                                               Dress #2                                          

16 June 2010

Red Letter Day: The Beginning

So here it is: I quit my day job with only a shred of a plan.  I have long wanted to own my very own brick and mortar vintage store, but I'm not entirely convinced my very small hometown could support one.  I thought it over and decided that opening an online etsy store makes the most sense.  So here I am, me, the cats, a supportive husband, and an attic full of vintage clothes.  In the fall I'll start teaching at one of the local colleges, but for now, this is my life.  Hunting and listing vintage and finishing my poetry manuscript.

By the end of this week you'll be able to find me at: http://VintConditionStyle.etsy.com
And Like my page on Facebook at this link here.

What that means for this blog is shop updates.  I'll still feature listings by other sellers because I think it's important to be part of a supportive community.  This will also mean more consistent blogging and exploration of vintage style past and present.  For now, here's a sneak preview of what the shop listing will include this week: