08 July 2012

New Addition

BORN 9:50 pm June 22nd
AT 7lbs 14oz, 20 inches

Meet Vivian Gray, the newest addition to our small family. Sweet Vivian was due on June 21st, my father's birthday. Even though I knew it was unlikely she would be born that day, it was disappointing to see the minutes and hours tick by and the day come to a close without her here. And yet, I'm glad that Vivian came at her own time.  Just as we passed into a new day, I started having contractions and by 9:50 that evening Vivian took her first breath of air. Vivian has her own birthday now, just one day after her grandfather's.

The last two weeks has been a series of adjustments for us all. The world is so fresh and new for Viv and I have learned to respect that there's still so much that she's taking in and that process can be overwhelming. It's hard to decipher her needs and moods, but I'm hoping we'll get there eventually.

So far what I've learned about Viv

Things Vivian Loves:
her dad (photo evidence above)
her crocheted bear (made by her dad)
black and white contrast images
tummy time
long car rides

Things Vivian Hates:
her diaper changed
people messing with her arms
being swaddled
being put in her car seat