19 August 2009

Bellatrix Lestrange as fashion inspiration?

Bellatrix Lestrange, evil-doer, mayhem maker, Harry Potter harasser, but fashion inspiration? Bellatrix herself would surely say nay, that is before she attacked you just for the fun of it. As many evil doing women, Bellatrix is clothed in all black with leather and lace. A take on the "witch" icon we're so accustomed to, even new-comers to the Harry Potter books or films can easily recognize Bellatrix as a force to be reconed with for our dear hero.

Despite what I believe are somewhat narrowly focused forays into wardobing for evil characters, there is something inherently alluring by the idea of an ideal evil character outfit. Helena Bonham Carter, whom I adore, is frequently cast in madcap sinister female roles. She plays these characters faultlessly and inhabits the essence of who they are. But what if you're an average fashion lover who wants to translate this idea into your wardrobe without looking like you flew through the air to pounce on the unsuspecting good guys?

Today, I bring you something that Bellatrix may wear that you can tone down a notch (or not) for your own daily outfit needs:

1930s crepe and crochet lace dress. Available at Posh Vintage for $525.

1920s black lace evening gown. Available at Woodland Farms Vintage for $245.

1980s lace gloves. Available at The Urban Collection for $16.

1980s leather and studs thigh high boots. Available at The Urban Collection for $122.

Sterling silver ring constructed from an antique Gorham Silver Bridal Flower spoon. Available at Etsy seller spoonsmith for $80.

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