30 July 2010

Outfit dilemma: Reunion

High school. Ah, those were the days. No...wait....I hated high school, and I hated high school quite passionately.  I was awkward, my family situation was horrible, and high school classes bored me to tears.  Sometimes, when I gather with friends and acquaintances, talk drifts to the glory days of high school.  I really don't share their sentiments. I prefer to think that life can just keep getting better.

I dread my ten year reunion. Word is barely anyone is going, but I'm participating largely because two of my dearest friends (hi guys!) have put a lot of work into planning the event.  It's being held at a local restaurant/bar on the lake.  Which leads me to this: my outfit dilemma.  Growing up, I solidly embraced the grunge movement (Kurt Cobain...so dreamy) and then drifted into solid tomboy garb with a steady rotation of t-shirts and jeans.  So much so that my ex-boyfriend once asked me why I couldn't be more feminine (dumped his ass thank you very much). By college, I was wearing a lot more vintage, particularly coats, but it wasn't until I moved to AZ that I solidly embraced the dress, first out of necessity and then out of desire.

I feel like I wouldn't be me unless I carefully thought out this whole outfit thing.  So here, dear friends, are some options I have assembled:

Option 1: Relaxed

Blue and white halter silk dress by Jonathan Martin purchased by me from seesong
1980s white leather clutch available at Harlow Monroe Vintage, $25
French Blue satin "Leah" heels by RSVP available at Zappos, $69
Leather bracelets by kikastyle, sold

Option 2: Glam

1970s asymmetrical dress purchased by me on ebay
Vintage screw on earrings available at Two Little's Mom, $9
1950s/1960s silver clutch available at Rust Belt Threads, $28
Black "Evocative" T-Straps by Nine West available on Amazon, $78.95

Option 3: Classic

1960s little black dress available at SeeSaw, $80
1940s black mesh pumps, available at Dear Golden, $85
1950s black and poppy print clutch, available at Purple Deer, $32
1950s/1960s buckle cuff available at Jean Jean Vintage, $36

Option 4: Bold

  1950s satin jacquard dress by Louise Franz available at Crafty Crow Vintage, $88
1960s brown vinyl clutch available at Love That Vintage, $30 
Chocolate stretch bracelet available at Rare Daisy Jewelry, $9.99
Dark brown "Briley" peep toe by Ralph Lauren available at Zappos, $98

27 July 2010

Movie Inspiration: Picnic at Hanging Rock

So lately I've been mildly obsessed with Australia. Books set in Australia, devouring three seasons of "McLeod's Daughters" (don't judge) and apparently also watching the 1975 classic Australian film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (as an aside: if Mel Gibson wasn't such a douche I'd probably have watched the original Mad Max for the millionth time). 

I give nothing away when I say that "Picnic at Hanging Rock" is set at the turn of the twentieth century and follows the story of 3 classmates who go missing and the aftermath of their absence.  The whole film has a dreamy quality too it which matches the state of the 3 girls before they go missing.

Fashionably, the whole feel has a strong 1970s feel (enough with the middle hair part ladies!) and the outfits might not quite be period accurate, but oh how the 70s loved Victorian and Edwardian clothes.  I thought in honor of "Picnic at Hanging Rock" I'd feature some great choices from my fellow etsians and myself that suits this film.

1970s does 1900s
1970s cream Victorian Ruffle Shirt, $28 at Ragamuffin Designs

1970s peach Victorian inspired skirt, $56 available at my store, Vint Condition Style

1970s Gunne Sax Victorian Inspired dress, $110 available at Little Veggie Vintage

10 July 2010

A Shop Update: Hats

1960s British herringbone wool hat available now at Vint Condition
1960s cream and gold turban. **Sold**

1940s black faux fur hat with ribbon trim available now at Vint Condition

1940s pink pancake hat with black velvet trim available now at Vint Condition

1940s brown wool hat **sold**

1950s feather and satin hat available now at Vint Condition

Late 1800s collapsible opera (top) hat from France. Coming soon!

Hats, the ultimate accessory. I'm leaving a phase in my life where I never considered hats to embracing them. They complete an outfit in such an unexpected and fun way.  Unfortunately, my head is erm...rather large. That added with my thick hair makes it a bit harder to find the right hat for me. Obviously our V.C. model doesn't have this problem.

09 July 2010

Photo Shoot: Sneak Peak

This past week my dear friends and I braved heat, humidity, and various biting insects to attempt a photo shoot. I provided the clothes from Vint Condition, Danielle Brown provided the photography skills, and Kim LaBarr (Danielle's sister) provided her gorgeous self and modeling skills.  

We're unveiling more of these in the next week (I'm so excited that I want to show them all to you now, but I'm resisting), but here's two that are already in the store to get us started!

1950s white cotton house dress with pink floral design available now at Vint Condition

1950s white cotton house dress with purple flowers and scarf neck available now at Vint Condition