31 August 2012


Dress: bird and flower print 1950s dress found at an auction
Sweater: chocolate brown cardigan by Spense found at Marshall's
Belt: skinny brown belt found at TJ Maxx
Shoes: yellow suede platform sandals by Franco Sarto found at Last Chance

It's only the end of the first week of the semester and yet it feels like week 13. Babies complicate things. Last night Viv fussed angrily for several hours. I'm lucky that this isn't usual for her, but by the time the alarm went off this morning it felt like my eyes had been closed for seconds.  It's too early for my students to notice just how exhausted I am. Or maybe I faked enough energy to get through my classes. 

Today I planned on using my afternoon to finish this weirdly complicated essay I've been working on. It's not happening though. I don't know how to connect all of its pieces and Viv was sleepy when I got home so we curled up together and took a much needed nap.

And the store, well I haven't updated recently even though I have some great stuff waiting to be photographed like a 1940s suit set, a 1960s wool Anne Fogarty dress, a 1960s wedding dress, a 1920s flapper dress with felt flower detailing. It's on the agenda for next week but my fingers are firmly crossed on that.

27 August 2012

First Day

Today, another first day. Last year the river behind me was flooding from Irene (although it's not apparent in the post) and I was quite a bit smaller. I'm working on losing all the baby weight, but it's a long process. The skirt I wore last year doesn't come close to fitting yet and most of my vintage clothing was packed away until I can squeeze myself into them again. 

But for now I managed to pull together this outfit. I consider it a success since a student (not even one of my own attempting to earn brownie points) complemented me on it this morning.

Sweater: burnt orange sweater by found at TJ Maxx
Top: sea green tank found at Banana Republic
Belt: ruffled belt by Betsy Johnson found at TJ Maxx
Skirt: 1980s brown skirt found at Goodwill
Shoes: brown platform sandals by Nine West found at Marshall's