19 March 2010

Find from Every Era Friday: Shoes

With the recent purchase of these amazing shoes from one of my newest and favoritest (it could be a word) vintage clothing sellers Bee Keeper Vintage, I couldn't get my mind of shoes. My husband lives off of three pairs, while my collection may or may not (you can't prove anything!) take up three closets.  Oops. In prowling around Etsy, I found these lovely items, and if they were in my size I would never be telling you about them.

Almost all of these shoes are much too small for me. That's because the average shoe size is increasing over time. At the turn of the century, the average woman wore about a 3.5-4. Now, it's more in the 8.5 range. This sets me up for a lot of vintage shoe sadness, but smaller footed women have it made!


These Edwardian Era shoes are in understandably delicate condition, but a bit too tempting not to wear  out and about.  They have such a brilliant pattern! Paired with skinny pants, and a well constructed angular blazer in a neutral like black, these shoes would shine.  These are available from Dakotas Vintage, are a petite size 5, and are selling for $75.


I confess a love for metallic items. This love is almost as large as my previously stated love for animal print.  These glorious t-straps would pair with just about anything in my world. A short party dress, skinny jeans and a tank top, capris and a cardigan. You name it, they work.  These are for those with a 6N foot and are available at Revival House for $89. 


I'm guessing these gorgeous shoes were probably once considered boudoir shoes.  Shoes meant for seducing, or showing off in your home while entertaining.  Now, since I believe these shoes need to head out in public, you do promise to be very careful with them, right? I'd pair them with a really loose layered skirt in a soft color like ivory or petal pink to take the romantic look to whole different level.  Paired with a delicate cashmere sweater and you're good to go.  These shoes are a petite size 6 and are available at tigerluxe for just $38.


These shoes remind me of frolicking outside on a spring day. That's probably the floral print talking.  I'd so wear these with jeans and tank over a shear shirt, maybe with tuxedo pleating on the front. At the risk of being matchy I'd pull from one of the colors in the shoe, the purple being my favorite, and maybe add in a wicker purse.  These are available with etsy seller Marvita13 for $98.


You were green with envy over my shoes until you realized that there was still of shades turquoise goodness in the world like these shoes right?  I'm probably going to start out slow with mine at first, pairing them with a black dress, but from there the sky is the limit, brown capris or my white Calvin dress, or maybe even my zebra print dress. You, should do the same, tiny-footed women who wear 6-6 1/2 shoes. Snag these from Beta Boutique for $34.


So it's Sunday and you need to run some errands, and you throw on sneakers and head out in clothes that somewhat resemble pajamas. If this is happening to you, stop. You can be functional and cute at the same time. I'm not going to go all Stacy and Clinton on you and tell you that heels are wonderfully comfortable and of course you should be able to chase your three year old around Target with ease in 3 inch stilettos.  A compromise, these beautiful suede shoes. They do have a heel, but it's a barely there heel.  The patterning is soft and cozy, yet structured at the same time.  Throw on some dark wash jeans and a sweater and you'll feel much better about heading out. These shoes fit a 8.5 and are available at Greatest Friend for $33.


These silver Stuart Weitzman heels deserve to go out into the world and party. To show off the delightful bow detail on the back, you wouldn't want to cover them up or obstruct the view with something like jeans.  Instead, think about dresses, mod dresses with a simple silhouette the ends above the knee in a fabulous color like royal purple or peacock blue.  Sure, you could wear black, but there's a world of color out there.  These lovely ladies fit like a 6.5 and are available at Dear Golden for $46. 

15 March 2010

Jack Harkness as fashion inspiration

Here's where I enter into full geekdom and you discover that your dear blogger is uterrly dorky.  I blame my husband's love for Dr. Who and it's current hiatus from our television set that I began watching Torchwood with him.  Sure, it's lovely for the eye candy, but I'm thrilled with how wonderful the BBC is. American TV take note, I want to see more programming with open male-to-male relationships, I want the presentation of sexuality as fluid rather than unerringly specific.

But, I digress, here on my fashion blog I thought it was time to give hommage to Jack Harkness as fashion inspiration.  If you haven't seen the show, the basic background of his character is that he's a Time Lord, able to hop, skip and jump around time.  Born long in the future he gets stuck in 19th century Britain and lives his life through to present day. He steals the identity of Captain Jack Harkness and lives his very long life as him since he can't die and all.  Oh, yes, and above all else, he's fashionably fashionable.

So here, I give you, the very spledorific Jack Harkness and the Torchwood team:

And here I give you the women's outfit I have assembled based on his look:

Outfit consists of:
Vintage blouse with embroidered flower available at Platypi Vintage for $32.
1980s military style wool coat available at hotdate for $32.50.
Leather poppies cuff by Designs by Amber for $25.
Vintage Italian leather low boots by Ruggeri available at b0mode for $32.
Twill bootcut pant by Sanctuary available at  Piperlime for $98.

11 March 2010

Home Decorating

I live in a dainty house, or at least that's how I think of it in my mind. It's a 1915 four-square with lovely woodwork and space to grow into. We have some projects to do, most importantly finishing out the summer kitchen, refinishing the hardwood floors that are hiding under carpet, tile, and laminate wood. We also need to modernize our depressing bathrooms and make our third floor attic into an office space.

If I had my way we'd be speeding forward on our home renovations, but my husband, dear though he is, feels like we'll get to it when we get to it. Le sigh.

For now though, I'm thinking of getting some art for the wall leading into our kitchen. Top thoughts at the moment:

These prints are by the very fabulous and witty WildLifePrints.

 I've long adored these stunning photographs by Sharon Montrose. I love them all and could easily pick any of her prints.

Super sweet birds by mincingmockingbird.

 And last, but not least, the amazing miniature stylings of Erin Tyner.

04 March 2010

Cost per wear

Cost per wear. The first time I read those words together was in a fashion magazine which was trying to justify why purchasing an outrageously expensive article of clothing actually makes sense. Really, the concept makes sense. Spending more money on an article of clothing that you'll use frequently and that's constructed well enough to hold up over time is a smart use of money.

For me, the top end of what I'm willing to spend on a piece of clothing is drastically smaller than what many fashion magazines would like me to spend.  Still, it's nice to pick up pieces that I'll use over and over and to different venues that I know will last. Again, another advantage of buying vintage. Clothes that can handle prancing around the world for 40, 50, 60 or more years can usually stand up to any abuse I may put them through and live to move on to another wearer. Take that for cost per wear.

On the weekend:

Vint Weekend
1970s graphic acrylic sweater by he limited available at Adore Vintage for $56
Orange lace sequin cami available at Wet Seal for $7.50
Boyfriend jeans by 7 for All Mankind available at piperlime for $198
Orange pointed flat available at GOjane for $11.10
1970s brass earrings available at Adore Vintage for $12
Brown faux leather handbag available at Tilly's for $25
Leather wrap bracelet by Rachel Leigh available at Zappos for $100

At work:
1970s graphic acrylic sweater by he limited available at Adore Vintage for $56
Sage lace button front cami available at TOPSHOP for $50
1960s drop earrings available at Adore Vintage for $13
Navy button down skirt by Steven Alan available at Net-a-porter for $170
1960s orb ring available at Adore Vintage for $18
1900 celluloid French Exposition change purse available at The Purse Place on Ruby Lane for $75
Faux leather Sheldun Boot by Madden Girl available on Endless for $54