15 March 2010

Jack Harkness as fashion inspiration

Here's where I enter into full geekdom and you discover that your dear blogger is uterrly dorky.  I blame my husband's love for Dr. Who and it's current hiatus from our television set that I began watching Torchwood with him.  Sure, it's lovely for the eye candy, but I'm thrilled with how wonderful the BBC is. American TV take note, I want to see more programming with open male-to-male relationships, I want the presentation of sexuality as fluid rather than unerringly specific.

But, I digress, here on my fashion blog I thought it was time to give hommage to Jack Harkness as fashion inspiration.  If you haven't seen the show, the basic background of his character is that he's a Time Lord, able to hop, skip and jump around time.  Born long in the future he gets stuck in 19th century Britain and lives his life through to present day. He steals the identity of Captain Jack Harkness and lives his very long life as him since he can't die and all.  Oh, yes, and above all else, he's fashionably fashionable.

So here, I give you, the very spledorific Jack Harkness and the Torchwood team:

And here I give you the women's outfit I have assembled based on his look:

Outfit consists of:
Vintage blouse with embroidered flower available at Platypi Vintage for $32.
1980s military style wool coat available at hotdate for $32.50.
Leather poppies cuff by Designs by Amber for $25.
Vintage Italian leather low boots by Ruggeri available at b0mode for $32.
Twill bootcut pant by Sanctuary available at  Piperlime for $98.

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