14 January 2011

An Education

I finally watched An Education. I know I'm late to the party and many of you have already seen it, but I must say I was entranced. There are obvious parallels to Humbert Humbert of Lolita fame with the seduction of young innocence, the seduction of those around her but I will say that An Education manages this in a bit of a different way than in Lolita. In An Education the viewer is aware of the seduction, the treading into dangerous territory for the young Jenny.  We want to warn her away, tell her parents to be more cautious.  In Lolita (the novel), Humbert Humbert is less easy to guard against.  Even in grad school I heard my classmates refer to Dolores as a seductress, somehow culpable in these hyper-sexualized encounters.  But the truth is, dear readers, you too have been seduced by Humbert Humbert in a way that Peter in An Education fails to do.

In regards to fashion, the transformation of Jenny is visible in her wardrobe, she ventures from her pitch perfect school girl garb to lady-like perfection, but even in this perfection we see her as playacting, trying to be the woman and adult she's not quite ready to be.

I also must add, that a few months ago I sold a similar gold dress, I wonder if the buyer knew how closely it resembled Jenny's outfit as she waits for Peter.

I know that the blogger world and the fashionistas have a strong adoration for Carey Mulligan and I agree, she's got style and immense acting ability, but I was geekily happy to see Rosamund Pike (who reminds me of actress Jewel Straite in looks) in this film.  I've loved her since she starred in Wives and Daughters and Pride & Prejudice. I think I'd also be remiss in not pointing out her wardrobe as well.

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