10 January 2011

Beautifully Broken: True Blood Ep. 2 Season 3

Sookie, classic American girl next door.  Sure, she's got some mystery to her, but really she represents that concept with her sweet nature, love of family, romantic ideals. It's no wonder that in episode two of season three she's in a classic American shirt. The one she has on in this episode has a bit of a western flair to it with a small floral print and pockets, but the button down for women is iconic.  Shirts like this are great under cardigans, blazers, or alone like this one.  Wear it all year round like here in this summery look where it's paired with jean shorts.

Here's where you can find a similar one for yourself:

1. 1970s western plaid shirt available at Pretty Little World Vintage
2. 1970s embroidered floral blouse available at jessjamesjake
3. 1970s metallic stripe blouse available at The Bea Project
4. 1970s floral and berry print blouse available at Clever Nettle

1 comment:

alexkeller said...

can't wait for Sookie to be back for the next season :)