09 January 2011

Bad Blood: True Blood Ep. 1 Season 3

One of the things my mom and I do is watch True Blood together (don't worry, I make her close her eyes during the sex scenes).  I made my husband get us HBO over the summer so that my mom and I could cozy up and watch our show, but that didn't happen.  My parents were over a lot this summer, but my dad wasn't feeling well even then.  I think we were both hesitant to start watching television when it was obvious he was uncomfortable and tired. 

My plan had been, at the time, to do outfit posts around the show.  The Sookie posts on this blog are, after all, the most visited portion of the site.  Today, my mom and I watched the first two episodes, drank coffee, and snuggled with the Siamese and though much of the world has already seen True Blood, we're still catching up.  When I watch an episode, I'll post about it.  It keeps me busy and blissfully thinking about something else for a little while.

This episode was light on fashion.  Sookie wears a purple dress, which frankly I didn't find very inspiring.  The most obvious stunner of this episode was Evan Rachel Wood's outfit. As Sophie-Anne her wardrobe is lush with strong vintage influences. It's about the only thing I appreciate about her character, or Wood's acting for that matter.  In this episode she dons a lush silk harem pant ensemble topped with a fur. Easy and elegant, non?

Version 1: The Light Side

1. Vintage 1980s harem pants available at Starlet Vintage
2. Faux fur bolero Dorothy Perkins
3. Apiece Apart tank top available at La Garconne
4. Pixie T-bar heels available at ASOS

Version 2: The Dark Side

1. Vintage 1980s harem jumpsuit available at Midnight Flight
2. Faux fur bolero available at Far Fetch
3. Stein & Blye Enamel Cuff available at Nordstrom
4. Vintage 1980s heels available at Allen Company Inc.

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