06 August 2010

A Photographic Aside

Sarah, the lovely proprietor of Mouse Trap Vintage (go on, go on, take a bit and check out her awesome stuff) recently asked if I had more family photos on this blog. You see, I had told her that I'm working on that project, you know the one where I have to scan over 1,000 negatives and make them into pretty photos once more? I confess, I haven't been good about working on them since we moved back to New York.

Then, last night, I was combing through my wonderful wedding pictures looking for some to hang in our bedroom and came across a photo of our table settings. Our wedding took place on the family property.  Bought in the early 1940s, my grandmother worked diligently to pay it off by herself.  I admire her tenacity and ability in an era where many women weren't able to undertake such a task.  When we got married, I knew it was important to be married on those 90 acres and honored our history there in part through our table numbers.  Each table was numebred with a photo of the property in the early days.

So here, unadulterated, are the same photos and numbers we used for our wedding:

You may be wondering why there's not more photos of my grandmother. She really hated her picture being taken and like most busy mothers is the one behind the camera in most of these.

04 August 2010

Outfit Idea for that Sale Item: 1960s Schoolgirl skirt

Yesterday I posted an outfit that mixed prints and confessed that I rarely mix prints, I usually pair a print with a solid. Today I confess the same with color. When faced with a color I usually match it with a neutral or match the color somewhere else in my outfit. There's something about the whole thing that is reassuring and calming to me. I know, I know, strange.  Obviously, that look works, but I also recognize that it's safe. 

Today, I tried pairing today's sale item, a fun blue 1960s schoolgirl skirt by Summit of Boston with a bit more color. I confess, I did some matching (scope out a close up on that belt and bag and you'll see), but overall I tried to mix it up some.  How do you deal with color?

Silk "Thyme After Thyme" blouse available at Mod Cloth, $64.99
Vintage leather and rope belt available at Oiseau Vintage , $18
1960s powder blue skirt by Summit of Boston available at my shop, Vint Condition Style, reg price $35
1970s/1980s woven straw purse available at Old Baltimore Vintage, $24
1970s woven leather kitten heels by Buccheri available at Bruklyn Belle Vintage, $26

03 August 2010

Outfit Idea for that Sale Item: 1960s Turquoise purse

This is the first item I listed for sale in my shop when I opened it up 6 weeks ago (it seems like so much longer!). Today, it's on sale for 20% just 24 hours.  I love the colors of this purse, the turquoise and gold with the dark blue change purse. Yum. 

Below is a potential outfit. It's sort of classic, but and preppier than I normally dress myself, but also much more daring than I dress. I wish I fearlessly mixed pattern.  How do you mix pattern in your wardrobe?

Striped linen "Tucker" jacket available on Net-a-Porter, $310
Vintage peter pan collared clover blouse available at Adelaide Homesewn, $42
1970s/1980s brown Naturalizer heels available at Tree and Kimball, $28
Skinny jeans available at American Eagle, $49.50
Vintage clip on earrings available at Riff Raff Review, $12.50
1960s faux reptile skin turquoise purse available at my store, Vint Condition Style, reg price $25

02 August 2010

Outfit Idea for that Sale Item: 1980s red silk skirt

Today's sale item is a gorgeously intense red silk skirt from the 1980s designed by Flora Kung.  A silk skirt is such a nice luxury item that makes the perfect workrobe staple. I myself took this skirt out to work a few months ago when I had a "day job."  But a silk skirt as a playful weekend staple? You bet. Thinking of how to mix up items like this will be keeping my mind busy for a bit. How do you mix up your wardrobe?

Also, trust me when I say that I know the pairing of red, black, and gray is a bit expected.  Personally, though, I love the combination of colors and will always be drawn to putting these together. 

1980s red silk skirt by Flora Kung, on sale August 2nd at my store, Vint Condition Style, reg price $55
Love/Hate tee, available at Opening Ceremony, $115
Vintage lace up boots, available at Persephone Vintage, $59
Jersey boyfriend cardigan, available at Babooshka, $80
1930s/1940s costume jewelry ring, available at Jean Jean Vintage, $60
1950s black evening bag, available at Hinterland Vintage, $22

01 August 2010

Outfit Idea for that Sale Item: 1940s Green Linen Dress

So, I wanted to do three things with these upcoming sale item posts.  The first is primarily a self-serving function of being a vintage seller, which is to show off our current vintage sale items (read about it here).  The second is that I've always really respected the fabulous vintage sellers of etsy.  They are an amazing group of people who work hard at what they do, so if I'm showing off my things, I want to show off their's as well.  The third, is that I want to show off ways to wear vintage.  Readers of this blog will know that I've always been interested in ways to integrate vintage into your life.  These outfit posts (which hopefully will be every day) will range from full on vintage to vintage lite outfit options. 

Here it goes:

1940s light green belted dress, a Vint Condition sale item, on sale August 1st, reg. price $65
1950s tan vinyl straw hat by Frank Olive, available at Allen Company Inc, $52
Edwardian crocheted purse, available at Jess Amity, $126
1940s tobacco suede peep toes by Owens & Elmes, available at Karen Elmquist Vintage, $55.50

A Vint Condition Sale!


Vint Condition is having an end of August summer sale! What! End of summer already? Seriously, though, each day one fabulous Vint Condition find will be 10% to 30% off.  

Picks and discount will be randomly chosen by me on a mere whim.  They'll go on sale around midnight and stay on sale until the next midnight (give or take, I do need my beauty sleep).

How will you know what's on sale? Check out the Vint Condition shop announcement, follow us on Twitter, or check it on out on our Facebook page!