06 August 2010

A Photographic Aside

Sarah, the lovely proprietor of Mouse Trap Vintage (go on, go on, take a bit and check out her awesome stuff) recently asked if I had more family photos on this blog. You see, I had told her that I'm working on that project, you know the one where I have to scan over 1,000 negatives and make them into pretty photos once more? I confess, I haven't been good about working on them since we moved back to New York.

Then, last night, I was combing through my wonderful wedding pictures looking for some to hang in our bedroom and came across a photo of our table settings. Our wedding took place on the family property.  Bought in the early 1940s, my grandmother worked diligently to pay it off by herself.  I admire her tenacity and ability in an era where many women weren't able to undertake such a task.  When we got married, I knew it was important to be married on those 90 acres and honored our history there in part through our table numbers.  Each table was numebred with a photo of the property in the early days.

So here, unadulterated, are the same photos and numbers we used for our wedding:

You may be wondering why there's not more photos of my grandmother. She really hated her picture being taken and like most busy mothers is the one behind the camera in most of these.


Vintage Seen said...

what a cool idea to use these shots for that. so where's the wedding bride & groom PHOTO!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

I thought someone would ask that! Especially since I rarely appear on this blog. I was thinking of doing it for our 1 year anniversary on September 12th.

tree and kimball said...

the photos are so so lovely, aimee! what a gorgeous place to get married, & how incredible that it's family property.

Sarah L. Hunt said...

Oh darling Aimee! Thanks so much for posting more of your family photos and mentioning me and my shop! I am so jealous that I don't have such an amazing document of my family's history. I can't wait to see your wedding photos on Sept. 12th! (the 10th is my birthday weee!).


Cindy said...

Aw, I love this idea! My parents were married on family property during the 70s. Maybe it's my old fashioned southern girl ways, but getting married on family property is so much more special to me. ♥

Schaufensterbabe said...

Wow. Those pictures are so beautiful. I'm glad I ran into your blog tonight. :)