16 October 2008

A Photographic Aside

Sorry for my blog absence this week. I've been feeling a bit down and somewhat antisocial. In an effort to engage myself in a project, I've been photoshopping old negatives. My paternal great-grandmother and grandmother were big into taking photographs. Most now exist only in negative form since one of our relatives made off with a large percentage of them. I now have over 1,000 family photographs that I'm slowly working my way through. This is a long process of scanning them and using Photoshop to remove the dust and scratches from the image. If anyone has any quick ways of doing either of these things let me know. Until then I'll be slowly working away on them. I think it's a long-term project to say the least.

To capture my grandmother's "style" I have two photos for you. One is her wearing her first husband's suit and hat. The image hasn't been cleaned up at all so ignore the speckles. The second is a combination of flannels (skirt and shirt) which would certainly be useful if not fashionable when working on a farm in upstate New York. Toward the end of her life she only wore dresses that she made herself. I can only remember her wearing pants on a handful of occasions.


Market Publique said...

Wow! These negatives are amazing!
Also, thanks for adding us to your blog roll! We are working on ours (tumblr blogs are quite hard to customize so we are working on a new platform), but we'll be sure to add you back once it's up!

Aimée said...

I love visiting your blog! Thanks for adding me to yours as well.

I love these photos of my family. Converting the negatives is such a pain but so worth it. Some of the negatives are so dark or light it's hard to really make out what's in the photo before I begin working on them. It's a bit of a surprise every time.

Ari said...

I would love to put some photos of your grandmothe rin her later years on Advanced Style