17 October 2008

Outfit Idea

So today won't have a Find From Every Era Friday. Jar gets off work early today so I plan on spending the afternoon with him instead of blogging. The FFEEF post takes quite a bit of time. Instead, I'll be spending the day getting a Chipotle burrito, probably doing some laundry, washing the car, and a host of other errands. At least that's the plan. I'm sure Jar might actually just fall asleep. He did have to get up awfully early today.

Today I'm posting an outfit idea for that Hawaiian print dress from yesterday. I showed Jar my purchases and he made a face. Despite the fact a large percentage of my clothing is vintage, he has a strong aversion to anything used. Out of 50+ items of vintage that I own, he likes just one dress. But since I don't dress for him, I dress to make myself feel happy, I'm quite content to continue to wear what I like. He at least says I look cute even if my outfit doesn't. Ha! So here is an idea of what to do with that dress. Recommendations for other outfit potentials are something I'd love.

1 comment:

fuzzylizzie said...

I think the belt and shoes are perfect. It really does boil down to the ability to accessorize!