30 October 2008

Imagined Travel: Iceland

We're still debating about where to take our honeymoon, which I suppose is alright since we haven't even set an official date for the wedding. All we know is that it's late next summer or early fall. We both love to travel and so a honeymoon where we get to travel together is extremely exciting. Since we've been together I've traveled to Italy, Switzerland, Alberta, India, China, and Tibet without him. It will be nice to actually spend some time traveling together.

One of the potential honeymoon destinations for us is Iceland. We both appreciate that it's an out of the way location, they have amazing scenery, and they're famed for their hot springs. Airline tickets were a bit pricey the last time I looked, but since the Icelandic economy recently tanked maybe it will be affordable in other ways. This outfit is inspired by my daydreams of traveling to Iceland with Jar.

Outfit consists of:

Green cotton tulip skirt by Erotokritos. Available at net-a-porter for $252.

Vintage brown leather boots by Xavier Danaud. Size 8 (runs small). Available at Archive Vintage for $298.

Brown acrylic hooded sweater. Available at Wet Seal for $22.50.

1940s 14K yellow, red, and white gold earrings. Available at the Marlene Harris Collection for $300.

Cream hammered silk blouse by Development. Available at net-a-porter for $258.75.

1980s brass purse. Available at Posh Vintage for $265.


Transletics said...

BRRRRR! And meow.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! You've gone to so many countries I would like to visit.

Aimée said...

Meghan - Brrrr? How are you ever going to live up north?

And clothes horse I'm jealous of your time in Greece. Every time I see your blog I feel so envious.