22 October 2008

Shopping Adventure

I suppose I really haven't said all that much about myself on this blog. It may be surprising given the quality of the writing here, but I guess I should let you all know I'm a writer. I've published some short stories and poems and I'm at work on a novel and a series of poems. The poems fill most of my day. The subject I'm working on is by nature exhausting and probably relates a great deal to why I've been feeling blue lately. I have the ability to not think about my subject when I'm done for the day, but I'm guessing the feeling just carries over. Jar keeps telling me I need to focus on other things to improve my mood so I've been trying to work out every few days and call my friends.

Today I took a break from research and went shopping. Once I leave Phoenix I'll be sad to leave one store, Last Chance. Last Chance gets all of the super discounted sale items from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. It's the only one in the country and the deals are amazing. Most items are under $10 and the shoe selection is amazing. I've had to restrain myself after getting 8 pairs in one trip. I know they aren't vintage, but I had to share my purchases with all of you and because I was raised to gloat over great deals I had to break that down as well.

Purchase breakdown:

Red Michael Kors shirt for $9.97. Similar tops run $60-$80 at Nordstrom.

White with blue stripes Classiques Entier belted wrap sweater for $9.97. It was slightly too big but I love it so. Classiques Entier sweaters run around $160-$180.

Blue and gold tank top by Lily White that has a slight 80s feel to it for $5.97.

Gray cotton and acrylic Frenchi cardigan for $9.97. It's so super cute. Frenchi sweaters are usually $40-$70.

Nordstrom nylons for $0.97 regular $7.90.

Donna Karen nylons for $0.97. Similar sell for $28.

Wood bead necklace for $1.97 which was regularly $12.

Fabric covered bead necklace for $4.97 which was regularly $16.

Because the necklaces are so cute I felt the need for a close up!


Transletics said...

I'm going to whine just like Charlie. I miss Last Chance shopping with you!

Aimée said...

I know, but as you can see from my small haul back there really wasn't a lot of stuff there. Most of the sweaters there needed repairs. Boo!