06 October 2008

That thing called work 3

It seems like I'm so into the idea of getting back to work I'm even pretending I have pierced ears. Seriously. I've been debating getting my ears pierced for my wedding, which in itself is ridiculous. It sounds just like losing weight for your wedding rather than just losing weight. But really, I do have an urge to pierce every time I see one of my friends wearing her awesome vintage inspired carved earrings. But I don't know, I kind of feel unique without them done. Clearly I'm on the fence here. I need to do some thinking on this. I'll just keep browsing around and including them in my sets because someone else might benefit from spying some cute earrings in this blog.

Until I decide, I'll just amuse myself by posting some more work wear for my non-existent job.

Outfit consists of:

Brown mohair wrap sweater. Available at Dorothy Perkins for 22.00 GBP.

Purple peep toe heel. Available at gravitypope for $99 Canadian.

Vintage white polyester textured knit skirt. Available at Plaid Pony Vintage for $24.

Sterling silver grey and lavender dome ring. Available at Silver Treats for $189.95.

Plum modal racer-back tank. Available at net-a-porter for $87.

1920s tapestry purse. Available at Ruby Lane seller That Purse Place for $145.

Silver Tahitian pearl stud earrings. Available at The Pearl Source for $179.


Q's Daydream said...

Lovely again, those shoes are fantastic! I for a while was trying to grow my hair out for my wedding. Why I don't know because I've always had short hair. Just one month before I got married I cut it all off again! It's funny now when I tell Jonny that I'm thinking of growing my hair out, he just smiles and says he likes my short hair best. :o)

Aimée said...

I agree, I love your short hair. I'm actually growing my hair out, but mostly because I'm always changing the style. I'll try it longer for 2 years or so and then cut it all off. Medium length has worked here, but as soon as I get in humidity I turn into a frizzy puff ball. :)