30 October 2008

Television Inspiration: Swingtown

I know the television show Swingtown was on this summer, but somehow all of the last episodes got away from me. I just recently got a chance to catch up by watching it on Netflix. I know there's been a lot of debate if the show is coming back, but quite honestly it ended at a point that resolved a lot of what I was watching it for. If anyone else caught the show I was mostly interested in the romance between Roger and and Susan and that had a satisfactory conclusion with the end of the season. It would be sad not to see the hotness that is Tom Decker played by the actor Grant Show, but I could learn to live without it.

Given that Swingtown takes place in the summer of 1976, there's a lot of great fashion in each episode. Sure some of it wouldn't translate well into a modern wardrobe, well unless you wanted to look straight from the 70s, but it's still full of wrap dresses, bikinis, and gold hoop earrings. Each of the female characters has a distinctive style. Janet reads mostly like a 1960s housewife in shirt and skirt sets. This fits her more conservative personality. Susan who is trying to find herself and decide what she wants in life swings (haha!) between a lot of what I would call as mommy apparel and sexy dresses for going out to clubs. Trina Decker, the main swinging female of the show, has my favorite wardrobe. All of her outfits are sexy and manage to do so in a way that we would never term as slutty. Perhaps it's the character's confidence that manages to sexify more reserved options than we're used to seeing presently, but I think it mostly just shows that being sexy doesn't require showing a lot of skin or that showing skin doesn't have to come across in a way that seems cheap.

Below are some shots of Swingtown to inspire us all to embrace a bit of polyester and see that the 1970s had a lot to offer.


copperoranges said...

i adore 70s style! especially on the brady bunch .. high waisted bell bottoms = love! it's neat to see how the 70s are still so relevant in mainstream fashion.

Market Publique said...

Wow! I really need to Netflix that show! Love those slinky dresses.

The Paper Doll said...

Never heard of swingtown but maybe i should check it out :)