10 October 2008

A Find From Every Era Friday: Wedding Edition

I know I already wrote about vintage wedding dresses awhile back, but as someone who is getting married in a year I'm enthralled by them. There's something, of course, special about your wedding dress or outfit be it a traditional gown or a suit. Today I'm featuring dresses along the more traditional line, meaning that they're dresses and are in a softer color palette. This doesn't mean that I don't support going in a stronger, bolder color and perhaps in another blog I'll focus on some of these lovely options.

It's rare these days to see any dresses with sleeves, in fact it's hard to find out that isn't strapless. This one covers your arms but in such a nice, floaty way. I think I'd wear my hair up, maybe some loose yet intricate braiding. I wouldn't wear a necklace, but I'd get some great dangly earrings.

Embroidered net lace dress, sleeves have a pink satin ribbon trim. Measurements: 34-26-38. Available at ebay seller marguerite729 with a current bid of $103.50.


This is technically a flapper dancing dress, not actually a wedding dress, but I think it would be beautiful for such an occasion. I picture this at a garden wedding or even better a wedding on a pier. Jar and I were considering that as an option until we decided to have our wedding in a field on my parent's property. This dress would look amazing with a sunset lighting up the horizon.

Ivory silk chiffon sheathe. Measurements: 48" Bust, measurement carries through garment. Available at ebay seller Carolyn Forbes/Textile Resources for a starting bid of $24.99 and a reserve.


I have to admit, this is my favorite gown of the ones I have listed today. It really lends itself to any kind of wedding, but again I'd choose to have it outdoors. In Vermont near my home they have a historic lake house that overlooks Lake Champlain. It's called The Grand Isle Lake House. You can have your dinner on the porch there and I imagine this dress there as the bride weaves her way around to each guest.

White gauze gown with intricate embroidery. Measurements: 23" waist. Available at etsy seller my favorite vintage for $425.


I love that this dress has some attitude with it's popped collar. It obviously needs a slip and here's where color would work perfectly. Something that would make each of the flowers in the lace pop. I don't know what I would do with my hair, but I know it would look great for a art gallery or museum wedding. This dress also comes with a wedding photo, the woman in the picture is the original owner of the dress. I think it's amazing that this dress has a traceable history.

Cotton lace in a floral motif. Measurements: Bust 40", Waist, 29". Available at ebay seller Design of the Time for a current bid of $46 with a reserve.


One of the top contenders for our wedding location was the Round Barn in Waitsfield, Vermont. It's this gorgeous butter cream barn nestled into the landscape with a pond out front. I'd personally take this dress there, you know if it fit. It's so tiny because it used to be a prom dress, but there's plenty of petite women out there who could make this work.

White chiffon dress with ruching. Measurements: 28" bust, 22" waist. Available at ebay seller The Little Pink Cottage with a current bid of $49.99.

In Arizona you can get married at a botanical garden, but this one is filled with desert plants in honor of our arid climate. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is that they take full advantage of the native climate and all of the surroundings are well, dirt. I imagine plenty of brides go there and don't worry about long dresses, but I like to think that it would be easier with a short dress. Short dresses are so irritatingly difficult to find in modern wedding gowns. The ones that are seem to be disgustingly expensive. Enter this dress. It would be perfect with a small wildflower bouquet.

White lace ribbon dress with mossy green and pastel pink ribbons. Available at Posh Girl Vintage for $189.


If you're looking for sleeves, this one certainly has them. Since the lace design is tighter I'd probably go with a softer slip. I think I'd take this one out for a fall wedding or maybe winter. It would be great at a historic inn, you know the ones, where you can get married in front of a toasty roaring fireplace.

Gunne Sax lace dress. Measurements: 34-25-42. Available at etsy seller Grey Gardens Vintage for $150.


I never watched Dynasty, but this dress is the very same dress that Joan Collins wore in the show. It's wonderful history aside, I love how fitted the waist is in this. I think I'd be tempted to wear my hair in the same way that I plan on doing in my actual wedding, a low side pony tail.

Nolan Miller Couture gown worn by Joan Collins on Dynasty. Measurements: 36" bust, 27" waist. Available at Antique Dress for $2,450.


Claja said...

All these dresses are so beautiful! Thanks for the e-bay links, I'm going to see if the sellers ship to France, hope so! I would like a new wedding (with my husband of course!) watching these pictures!

the unreliable narrator said...

Would almost (but not quite) get married again, to get to wear some of these lovelies. Happy sigh!

Aimée said...

I wish I had an excuse to buy a pretty dress every year. I mean it doesn't have to be a wedding dress, but really besides prom and your wedding there's no real reason to throw on a random gown. Maybe we should invent a reason.

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE the 20's dress!!
I'm also getting married soon, and I have the most beautiful satin bias cut 1930's gown! I'm so excited to wear it.
Unfortunately I wont be able to eat that day its so clingy!! lol