23 October 2008

Lunch Date

I'm having lunch with my friend today. Yum nachos and salsa. Since Jar and I haven't done laundry in a bit, pickings were slim for wardrobe choices. Also unlike you ladies who are happily donning layers because it's getting cold, it's still too warm for that here. It's 75 as I'm writing this so I think it'll end up in the eighties today. Phoenix tends to be hottest not around noon but more toward 3 or 4. So here's what I'm wearing to lunch today, which if you look at the post below is what I got yesterday. It's not any major feat of wardrobe planning and is in fact rather uninspired, but I'm working with limited options here. I'm sorry for the poor picture quality, I'm still getting used to the timer and have yet again chopped off a portion of my head.

Unhappy with this lunch situation is my wonderful kitt-cat Thursday Next. We call her Doodle as a nickname and I'm sure she's not thrilled with that info being posted on the Internet. She's a rather dignified Siamese or Siamese-mix. She does have separation anxiety so me leaving for a few hours is her worst nightmare...well next to dogs that is. She has a cat tower next to my computer so she can be near me. Here's her clinging to my side looking pissed as I type.

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