25 October 2008

A Find From Every Era Friday...err Saturday: Accessories

I think there should be more accessories in my life and in yours too. I think the most successful outfits pay attention to the details. Often it's hard to keep or gather together the right accessories, you know the staple kind of accessories, but the ones I feature below are what makes the outfit. They're really the stars of the show.


This embroidered panel has attached snaps that make it perfect for attaching as a belt. Unlike most belts I wouldn't want to put any strain on it. I think it would be best paired with a dress that already has a waist seam and this could rest over the top. There's so many beautiful colors in this embroidery that could be used to go off from. I personally love the lighter blue in the bark of the trees. This silk belt is available for $35 at Woodland Farms Antiques.

I love the sage green of this silk velvet hat. What I love more is that there's concentric hearts sewn into it. It's very subtle but so endearing. This hat is perfect for a cardigan and camisole top day. The kind of day you head out and drink hot chocolate someplace cozy. In fact this would go perfectly with my new gray cardigan....hmmm...okay I'm stopping myself now, but that doesn't mean you have to. This cozy hat is at Contentment Farms for $225 and is made by Liberty & Co London.

I've recently discovered that I need to go belt shopping. I think I may be lying to myself because I have plenty of belts. I daydream about a closet with room for belt hooks or hangers. Ahhhh. In any case I had to share this bakelite belt with you. I imagine it with something on the opposite side of the color wheel like a blue or green dress or over a tunic with some heathered brown pants. This is up for sale by loveforcritters (they say the money goes to a humane society) on ebay with a start of $99.99 and a reserve.


Look how shiny this is? I wonder if you could see your reflection in it. This really shows you the amazing construction of vintage items. It has mother of pearl on both sides and inside it has the full range of primping items including a tortoiseshell comb. Even better it has a lipstick holder. Sometimes when I'm out I think I need to reapply my lipstick. Somehow my mother manages to stash lipstick in her purse with no problem. Whenever I do it, the cap comes off and suddenly everything is covered in Cranberry Crush. I must not be the alone in this right? Anyway I'd be tempted to wear this purse with an all white outfit. This purse would glow with a bit of color, but still work for a monochromatic look. This cutie is $135 from Antiques & Collectibles by Laura at Ruby Lane.


My friend Meghan over at Transletics asked me if she could wear a hat to my wedding. A hat? Northern New Yorkers don't do hats unless it's a tuque, that's Canadian for what you all call a beanie. Is that what it's called? Oh and we also do baseball hats. Meghan though is Southern and I've seen her hat shopping. Given that, I know she'd appreciate this one. It's so elegant and would look perfect at a wedding or a horse racing event or going to the store. I think we need more hats in our lives. This one is by Sea Glass Vintage on etsy for $26.


Scarves are so versatile. I've worn them wrapped around my hair, as a headband, as a belt, and worn jauntily around my neck. They're something unexpected. This one has such a great pattern to it and look at those amazing colors. Imagine using this piece as inspiration for your outfit colors. Most of these colors you wouldn't expect to place together, but they clearly work. This is perfect for fall...it is still fall correct? Back in NY there's already been reports of a first snow. Brrrr. This little scarf is only $16 at Glad Rags & Curios at Ruby Lane.


Why buy new large sunglasses that look like they're from the 1970s when you could just buy a pair from the 1970s? This pair is made by Christian Dior. I picture lounging on a beach chair in my bikini taking a nap (with plenty of sunscreen on). Or alternately they could protect me from the glare of sunlight off snow. Just sayin'. This pair can be found at Recy on etsy for $36.


A tiger print perfect sized handbag? Oh I die a little! I know I expressed my love for leopard print in general and on shoes in specific, but really I love all animal print, you know if it wasn't ever actually on an animal. This beauty is faux fur and if you look closely it has amazing clasps. I'd put this with a cute dress, probably something in a solid color so that the purse pops out the most. Seriously this purse needs to get our there in the world and it can at just $45 at The Vintage Merchant on Ruby Lane. Squeee!!!

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The Clothes Horse said...

I like all of these. There's nothing quite like a vintage find.