18 October 2008

A Photographic Aside

Today I got up early to take my car in to get fixed. Usually I would spend my Saturday sleeping in and eating waffles for brunch, but with my service engine light on and my car shifting hard it seems like it was a good idea to get it in to the shop. Instead of my usual routine I was up early and off across town...well two towns technically. We then drove back to Tempe and had breakfast at The Farm. It's an actual small farm with artist studios, several small restaurants, and a lot of gorgeous trees. It's set back from the nearby roads making it seem like you really are out in the country. Living in Tempe, land of strip malls and multi-lane streets, it's easy to forget that Arizona can be beautiful. If all of Arizona looked like it does at The Farm I would certainly reconsider moving.

Even though I've enjoyed my day so far, I'm sleepy and might take an afternoon nap. At least I will once the car guy calls me back again. So instead of a full post about clothes I thought it best to honor my other grandmother in my blog. There are very few photos of her and some I'm using photoshop to repair them. There's one of her with her sisters with a huge gouge taken out of the center. Quite the process to fix. In any case below is the photo I think I want to get enlarged. I plan on taking some key family photos and getting them enlarged onto canvas to hang up in my future home. I want them big enough that they come across less like a collection of family photos and more like art prints. We'll see how that goes. For now, here's my maternal grandmother looking all stylish and relaxed.


The Paper Doll said...

What a beautiful photo and such a lovely thing to do getting them blown up on canvas. Would love to see them once they are all done and hanging :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I like lazy weekends, so even though your day sounds good an afternoon nap sounds really excellent. Your maternal grandmother looks lovely!