07 October 2008

Vintage Love: Ruffles

Okay I know I should have done the full shot of my outfit, my jeans are awfully cute, but I mostly wanted a close up of my shirt. I purchased it recently on ebay. It's a 1970s button down shirt with a ruffled collar. Just a hint of a ruffle really. Buying this shirt has sent me on the search for more ruffled goodness. Here's some for you too so we can all be ruffled out.

1970s dark brown nylon blouse by Sunny South. Measurements: 38" bust. Available at Vintage Martini for $22.

1980s white cotton top. Measurements: 35" bust. Available at The Urban Collection for $39.

1970s knit sweater. Measurements: 37" bust. Available with ebay seller Wildflowers Vintage with a current bid of $9.99.

1980s sheer black silk mini dress. Measurements: 36" bust, 24-34" waist, 40" hips. Available at ebay seller Bustown Modern for a starting bid of $9.99.


the unreliable narrator said...

I do love the bare plastic crotch peeping out from beneath the nylon blouse...especially when coupled with "THINGS I SHARE WITH GRANDMAS," lol.

Aimée said...

Haha! How did I even miss the bare plastic crotch? Okay well I don't share THAT with my grandma!!

Market Publique said...

i love that black ruffled dress! It sure did go for a bunch though, $177! I'll just have to keep looking for a similar one...