04 October 2008

That thing called work

The day before yesterday I got a job interview for later in the month. As much as I like to spend my days lolling around thinking about blogs and writing poems, I'm eager to get back into a job. I like to keep myself busy and enjoy new challenges. Going back to work also means being able to wear career clothes. So while I haven't yet secured a new job, I certainly have been on the hunt for things to wear once there. Here's an outfit I'd wear to work in a second if I had a job and money. Note the coat and warm pants, because yes folks, the jobs I've been looking at are back east.

Outfit consists of:

Blue polyamide bow neck blouse by Marlene Birger. Available at net-a-porter for $225.

Black patent leather heels by Report Signature. Available at Revolve Clothing for $187.

Vintage chain belt with lion's head clasp. Available at Archive Vintage for $125.

Paul and Joe dark gray wool flannel pants. Available at net-a-porter for $510.

1930s 14k white gold floral earrings with diamond centers. Available at The Marlene Harris Collection for $275.

1960s lightweight wool Lady Forecaster overcoat. Measurements: 38" bust. Available at Monster Vintage for $49.99.

1980s leather Ferragamo convertible clutch. Available at Vintage Bag for $77.75.


miss vintage love said...

Lolling around is so underrated....
But dressing up for the office is fun too :)

Aimée said...

I admit, lolling around is a lot of fun. I'm sure that once I am back to the weekly grind I'll be longing for unfilled hours of time.