01 August 2010

Outfit Idea for that Sale Item: 1940s Green Linen Dress

So, I wanted to do three things with these upcoming sale item posts.  The first is primarily a self-serving function of being a vintage seller, which is to show off our current vintage sale items (read about it here).  The second is that I've always really respected the fabulous vintage sellers of etsy.  They are an amazing group of people who work hard at what they do, so if I'm showing off my things, I want to show off their's as well.  The third, is that I want to show off ways to wear vintage.  Readers of this blog will know that I've always been interested in ways to integrate vintage into your life.  These outfit posts (which hopefully will be every day) will range from full on vintage to vintage lite outfit options. 

Here it goes:

1940s light green belted dress, a Vint Condition sale item, on sale August 1st, reg. price $65
1950s tan vinyl straw hat by Frank Olive, available at Allen Company Inc, $52
Edwardian crocheted purse, available at Jess Amity, $126
1940s tobacco suede peep toes by Owens & Elmes, available at Karen Elmquist Vintage, $55.50


lauren said...


Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thank you!

ElekonChic said...

amazing outfit! love the colours, dress is stunning! and you`ve lots of unique items in your shop.

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Matchless Vision said...

Great combinations! I really enjoyed your shop too!!