19 January 2011

Dust Dreams

Insomnia, or maybe just difficulty sleeping.  Once I'm asleep, I'm out for a good 7-12 hours, but it feels impossible to get there every night. And this is how I discovered that MTV, after reruns of Teen Mom, actually does play music videos.  And I heard this band.

I'm out of the music loop, I confess, so you may have heard about them years ago. I once was dedicated to finding new music, new bands.  I was that girl, but along the way I stopped listening to a lot of music somewhere after the Poe and Luscious Jackson years and before the local "alternative" stations got stuck on Linkin Park (Wtf?). Now I'm the person who has multiple NPR stations programmed into the radio and a half collection of CDs floating around the car that always seem like the same CD.  Brandon Flowers, you again?

But anyway I did like this Middle Class Rut song, but really all I want to do is watch this video and the scenery as it pulls by. Those wide landscapes, the muted tones.  And here blue sky and dust.  I need to go back to the southwest soon.  Four years in Arizona and it's a deep part of my soul.  To me, the southwest is like a wool sweater, an uncomfortable prickly itch.  I belong among treed mountains and streams, hard crunching snow and cool lake breezes, but there's something equally magnetic and repelling about the southwest.  It's strange, this yearning for a place that never manages to satisfy me.


alexkeller said...

you'll have to let me know when you decide to come visit AZ - where did you live? i'm basically just north of Tucson

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Oh yes! We lived right in the heart of Tempe. The constant traffic and college students were both soul-crushing. We often said we would rather be in Tucson. Alternate choices were Jerome or Bisbee. I try to go back at least once a year so I'll have to let you know.