04 January 2011

A New Year

What's this? Me? An outfit post? Crazy right? I rarely show my face online, yet here I am. It's my first attempt so you'll have to forgive the part where the photo is a bit blurry and you can see my new lighting equipment in the corner.  Also the fact that I look really exhausted.  It's a learning curve over here at Vint Condition.

This is part of my attempt to be more present and active in the blogging world and infuse a bit more of me in my posts. 

This outfit is pulled together from a few of my favorite things, but I really must take a moment to talk about the beautiful and thoughtful Lisa who created the best thing here.  Lisa runs her own Etsy shops, Tree and Kimball and Tree and Kimball Market.  Both are amazing to say the least.  When Lisa learned that my father had passed, she made me this very special necklace that I'm wearing. It's made of these adorable charms, but most importantly it has two lockets where I can put photos of my dad.  Even though I haven't picked the photos yet, I basically haven't taken it off since it arrived.  Lisa really is truly one of the best, and I don't say that lightly.  Even before she sent this necklace, I appreciated her spark and kindness.  I'm happy that the world of Etsy brought us together.  Thank you always, Lisa.

Outfit consists of:
Cardigan: Cable and Gauge found at TJ Maxx
Tank top: Psst! found at Last Chance
Necklace:  from Lisa, find more of her jewelry at Tree and Kimball
Belt: stolen from a thrifted 1980s dress
Skirt: 1980s faux bois skirt by Yves St. Laurent found at Prance and Swagger (similar here at Lola Vintage)
Tights: Christmas gift from my mommy (thank you mom!)
Shoes: Nine West found at TJ Maxx (similar here)


Vintage Seen said...

you look fabulous and agreed the necklace is wonderful, love that Lisa and keep up the outfit posts, I kinda love learning more about the gals I meet here online!

tree and kimball said...

you look lovely & i am so so pleased that you like the necklace, aimee. also, agreed with amy that these outfit posts should remain forthcoming! i too love learning more about the online friends that have become so very important to me ♥

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thank you ladies! They may not always be exciting, but at least it will get me dressed and writing something every day. Bonus points for each of those things. :)