05 January 2011


What's exciting about today's outfit? Not really anything, except for the fact that I made myself get dressed and out of the house in the same day, which, let's face it, is an accomplishment lately. I actually planned on going out today thrifting but canceled because of the snow. I live in the middle of nowhere and my thrifting location is 1.5 hours away (really 1ish when I'm driving but if my mom is driving it's much much longer) and it just seemed too much of an annoyance anyway.

Instead, I ran some errands and had lunch with my mom. Which is really just as nice sometimes.

So here I am, in my yard with crazy hair.  Inside my hair was all nice and cutely curly but once it hit the windy outside it got puffy big.  You may also note that I'm standing all weird. That's not some random blogger affectation, but the fact that when I put on these boots I head out and remember that I need the left tap replaced. Every. Single. Time.  And interestingly, I dressed to match the landscape.

Oh wait, you're wondering where my coat is? I'm tough about the cold, but not that tough.

This was meant for the store, but I couldn't let it go even though it is real fur and my husband is a vegetarian. I think it makes him sad inside.  Whatever.

Outfit consists of:
Cardigan: Gap found at the Gap outlet
Shirt: ruffle front blouse found at The Bee's Knees Clothing (similar here at Thrush and here)
Tank: Gap found at the Gap outlet
Jeans: Beau found at TJ Maxx
Boots: BP found at Last Chance
Coat: 1950s mink and wool coat found at antique store (similar here at Suzy Berry and here at Dear Golden)
Bracelet: 1950s braided rope bracelet found at auction
Necklace (the last Christmas gift my dad helped pick out): 1940s book locket from Jean Jean Vintage (other great lockets at Jean Jean here and here)

Also, just to rub it in a bit. Here is a better view of my shooting location otherwise known as my yard:


cara said...

cute! i love the wintery backdrop, wish it looked like that here!

cara - fanciness

zenithyoda said...

Jealous :). Looking great.

Chloé Rosé said...

your coat looks amazing!

xx from germany