30 July 2010

Outfit dilemma: Reunion

High school. Ah, those were the days. No...wait....I hated high school, and I hated high school quite passionately.  I was awkward, my family situation was horrible, and high school classes bored me to tears.  Sometimes, when I gather with friends and acquaintances, talk drifts to the glory days of high school.  I really don't share their sentiments. I prefer to think that life can just keep getting better.

I dread my ten year reunion. Word is barely anyone is going, but I'm participating largely because two of my dearest friends (hi guys!) have put a lot of work into planning the event.  It's being held at a local restaurant/bar on the lake.  Which leads me to this: my outfit dilemma.  Growing up, I solidly embraced the grunge movement (Kurt Cobain...so dreamy) and then drifted into solid tomboy garb with a steady rotation of t-shirts and jeans.  So much so that my ex-boyfriend once asked me why I couldn't be more feminine (dumped his ass thank you very much). By college, I was wearing a lot more vintage, particularly coats, but it wasn't until I moved to AZ that I solidly embraced the dress, first out of necessity and then out of desire.

I feel like I wouldn't be me unless I carefully thought out this whole outfit thing.  So here, dear friends, are some options I have assembled:

Option 1: Relaxed

Blue and white halter silk dress by Jonathan Martin purchased by me from seesong
1980s white leather clutch available at Harlow Monroe Vintage, $25
French Blue satin "Leah" heels by RSVP available at Zappos, $69
Leather bracelets by kikastyle, sold

Option 2: Glam

1970s asymmetrical dress purchased by me on ebay
Vintage screw on earrings available at Two Little's Mom, $9
1950s/1960s silver clutch available at Rust Belt Threads, $28
Black "Evocative" T-Straps by Nine West available on Amazon, $78.95

Option 3: Classic

1960s little black dress available at SeeSaw, $80
1940s black mesh pumps, available at Dear Golden, $85
1950s black and poppy print clutch, available at Purple Deer, $32
1950s/1960s buckle cuff available at Jean Jean Vintage, $36

Option 4: Bold

  1950s satin jacquard dress by Louise Franz available at Crafty Crow Vintage, $88
1960s brown vinyl clutch available at Love That Vintage, $30 
Chocolate stretch bracelet available at Rare Daisy Jewelry, $9.99
Dark brown "Briley" peep toe by Ralph Lauren available at Zappos, $98


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

Ugh, high school. My ten year was a few years back, but I skipped it. It's sweet that you're going for the sake of your friends. All these looks are fabulous, although I'm leaning more towards glam or classic.

Thanks for including my vintage clutch...and keep us posted on what you decide to wear!

Rory said...

I have to concur with your sentiments on high school. That being said, you may (or may not) be surprised by some folks that appear. Regardless, you are going to be there and you will be looking fabulous!!!!

I'd go relaxed! Any excuse to wear electric blue heels!

harlow ~ monroe boutique said...

Thanks so much for including our vintage handbag. These outfits are fabulous! Have fun at the reunion!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Whoah what an awesome post! I am thrilled that you thought of my buckle bracelet :) I had my 10 yr high school reunion last year and it was . . . odd. I don't see how it can be any other way! But who cares - dress up and mingle with the folks you love. Thanks again!

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

this is a fantastic post! i like option 4, bold.

Janae Marie said...

i think you should go either bold or glam ... always best to be over dressed, and i don't know anyone who liked high school or who actually enjoyed their reunion, so i would go as all out as possible because in the wise words of someone who liked to dress up ... " if you look good you feel good"!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

@Amanda - My husband skipped his and I was extremely tempted to do the same. Besides, with Facebook I already know the dirt on just about everyone! ;) And that clutch, gorgeous!

@Rory - Those shoes! Google now knows I was looking for blue heels and keeps suggesting other options for me. And also, things have been ehm not peachy here, but we'll have to get together for those drinks we were talking about!

@harlow monroe - Thanks!

@Jean Jean - I saw a post (or tweet?) you did about buckle jewelry. I think it would be cute to collect!

@Adelaide's Homesewn - Thanks! I'm trying to blog more and feature fellow sellers at the same time. I love that dress in option 4 soooo much.I think it may be a smidge small though. Time to measure myself!

@Janae - I highly suspect weird awkwardness at reunion especially since I was an angry disgruntled teen through most of high school. And I agree, I would much rather be overdressed.

Erika said...

Aimee, I think you would look wonderful in them all. I love option 1 because it is my favorite color. However, option 4 is also completely amazing.

Regardless of what you wear you will look lovely. Let me know what you pick and I will pick something along the same lines. That way, if you are overdressed, then so am I!!

Meghan said...

I wonder if I am having a ten year reunion? Haven't heard anything about it yet. I love "Relaxed" because you own that dress I've never seen you in and you will look great in it. And an excuse to buy those bracelets is very welcome. But I love Glam too, I think I've only seen you in a mini-ish dress like once, and so edgy!
Can't wait to see pics.