18 August 2009

A little throat clearing

Dear blog readers,
Please excuse my absence. I had not meant to be gone for such a long time. In the last nine months I have:

Moved across the country:

(this is a photo I took somewhere in another state, somewhere along the drive)

Got a new job:

(one that allows me to occasionally wear 1950s frocks)

Bought a new house:

(picture taken before we bought it so the lawn ornamentation is not ours. The house was built from a kit in 1915 and has been in the same family until we purchased it. You'll be seeing more of this in the future)

Planned a wedding:

(wedding to be held September 12th in a field with flowers much like these)

In these past nine months I haven't written any poems or blog posts, haven't slept much, failed to keep in touch with those dearest to me, and neglected to spend enough time with my demanding felines. But dear readers, I'm back having newly implemented a sleep routine where I get at least 7 hours of shut-eye a night. Vintage world, I'm here.


Danielle said...

YEAH!!!! So glad to see you back, dear!

Erika said...

Thank God! I love this blog...