27 August 2009

A break from vintage

I try not to deviate too often from the topic of vintage on this blog, but I couldn't resist posting about the new addition to our family.

Meet _____:

We hadn't met before today, but already he loves me. He's a bit nervous around Jar so far. It's a bit hard to guess his personality, but he seems to be quiet, loving, and shy. His meow sounds like an "ow."

Since we only name our kitties after literary characters (Sameth from the Garth Nix "Sabriel" triology; Thursday Next from Jasper Fford's "The Eyre Affair;" and Gilly from Katherine Patterson's "The Great Gilly Hopkins;" we need an appropriate name for him. We've tossed around Sirius (Harry Potter), Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility), and Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird) thus far, but we would welcome suggestions!

In case you think I irresponsibly went out and purchased a Siamese, none to fear. I believe strongly in rescuing kitties where you can. This little guy is our third rescued kitty, in fact one of our other cats is also a lynx point Siamese. He was found abandoned in a yard at just seven weeks of age. If you are looking for a Siamese, check out siameserescue.org.


lauren said...

pardon my language but HOLY SHIT this kitty is cute!!! i would steal the lovely creature from you, i would!

i also have a siamese lynx point and she is the center of my universe.

great, now i am want another siamese. nooooo!!!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Hahaha! Thanks Lauren! This is Pipkin as a baby. I will admit, after being emailed his photo, I cried pathetically until my husband gave in.

Our two Siamese clashed with each other for about 8 months, but now they've reached a sort of settlement. He's been "merr"ing to our older siamese and she occasionally head butts him. It's actually worked out. And I would really not say no to another. ;)