26 December 2009


Frumpydee frump frump. Ladies and gentlemen (?) that's how I've been feeling the last few months. Fresh back from my honeymoon and we were hit with the dreaded chill of winter. In the summer, when I come home from work, I get comfortable by throwing on a sundress or embroidered tank top. When winter comes, I dream about getting home and crawling straight into my fuzzy sweater pants and my husband's giant sweatshirt. While I know he loves me in all my forms, I don't feel beautiful, or cute, or anything remotely close to sexy in the winter. In such a state, the idea of trucking on over here to my vintage blog seems...well...wrong. What would I have to say about clothing. I know I'm not alone here, yes?

In the interest of feeling cuter, I've been researching vintage nightwear and lounge options. I know all of what I'm about to post may not be suitable for keeping warm on a chilly night, but they certainly up the cute factor.

1910s ivory silk crepe and silk floss embroidered robe. Available on ebay through Violetville Vintage with a buy now of $248.

1940s rayon Asian-inspired pajama/lounge set. Available through ebay with northstarvintage with a starting bid of $39.99 and a buy now of $69.99.

1950s nylon and lace nightgown. Available on ebay through RageVogue with a starting bid of $19.99.

1940s rayon lounge set by Munsingwear. Available at Dorothea's Closet for $255.

Red silk Givenchy peignoir set. Available on etsy through seller queenoftheangels for $75.

And though this isn't vintage, these are some awfully cute and cozy slippers from J. Crew onsale for $29.99

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