27 December 2009

New Year's Eve Countdown

With just 5 full days left until New Year's Eve evening festivities, have you planned out your evening yet? Even if you have, stick around Vint Condition as I celebrate the approach of the next new decade by posting about New Year's Eve this week.

Planning on martini's as a celebratory drink? Smirnoff (or perhaps Bombay Sapphire if you're going the gin route) and I've got you covered. Start out here to learn about the wide range of martinis you can make from dirty martinis to chocolate martinis. And watch a video here on how to make the perfect martini which includes gin and vermouth.

Some interesting notes about the martini is the influence of James Bond on the drink. From here we get the famous line of asking for a vodka martini "shaken and not stirred." I'm assuming the popularity of using vodka for the martini instead of a gin/vermouth combination comes from here. What Bond actually asks for in the film is technically called a Vesper.

But of course we all know the evening is not complete without the perfect outfit to wear, or at least I think that may be true. Top off your martini adventures and kiss as the ball drops with this outfit:
5 days until New Year's eve

Outfit consists of:

Vintage amber-colored shaker for those of you who want shaken martinis a la James Bond. Available at Cocktail Shakers for $175.

Viv martini glasses available at Crate & Barrel for just $3.95 each.

Viscose ruffle edged top available at Top Shop for $65.

1980s cotton blend skirt (30" waist) available at Vintage Trends for $34.

Patent leather Dolly shoes from Modern Vintage available at heels.com for $125.

Early to mid 1900s amber clip on earrings available at Tias for $55.

Vintage-inspired Nicole glasses by Benjamin Eyewear available on net-a-porter for $325.

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