21 August 2009

Project Runway Style

Last night on Project Runway, designer Louise Black stated that she found inspiration in vintage fashion. We've seen this before, most notably in designer Kenley Collins. Kenley, as you may remember, was faulted for her continued use of vintage inspiration in terms of cut and construction. Despite her attitude both on and off the show, it's hard not to appreciate someone who can wear fascinators with style and put together color combinations like this:

But enough about Kenley. I'm not ready to commit to Louise yet as my favorite designer of this season. She didn't nail the ball out of the park, so to speak, on her first attempt on the show, but it was a pretty strong entry.

You can see a 1930s influence with the dress and Louise certainly picked the right fabric and color. It certainly is a pretty dress if not an award winner. In fact, if you're interested, you can bid for the dress here.

Lifetime also provides a series of interview with their contestants. Here's Louise talking about her thoughts on the first competition.

I can't say if Louise will be the winner or not, but I am looking forward to seeing how she'll take on the next challenges.

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