20 August 2009

True Blood Costuming

I've made no secret of my love for the HBO series True Blood. As a longtime reader of the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, I was eager for the show to start last year. In fact, the only reason I have HBO is because of the show. Now that I live close to home, I wait until my mom can come over to see it before watching the next episode. Given this, I don't feel like I can always offer up to the minute fashion reporting on the series. But I'm still here, watching and coveting (the clothes, the clothes, I swear!)

Last season, my post on Sookie's fabulous halter dress has proven to be one of the most searched and visited portions of this blog. In fact, most posts have asked about finding the exact dress which I would love to help with but can't. Despite my love for the show, it's been awhile since I've checked in with everyone about the fashion in it. The costumer for the show is Audrey Fisher and this month True-Blood.net (a fansite for the show) interviewed her about her choices for the show and her sources. The radio show takes awhile to warm up, in fact Audrey's interview doesn't start until 20 minutes in. For those interested in fashion, the wait is worthwhile. Audrey talks about her career path and what it's like to style a show with a wide range of characters, particualry one like True Blood that has present and past time.

Audrey shares her styling secrets for the show. She reveals that for most characters, she buys clothing from Kmart, Kohls, and JcPenny. She wanted to keep the clothing choices appropriate to the financial resources of the characters and their access to stores. As someone who lives in quite a rural area, I appreciate her concern for keeping this relatively accurate. She also states that she bends the rules for Sookie a bit. As those of us who watch the show know, Sookie's clothing has a vintage flair. Audrey reveals she does create a lot of custom pieces for Sookie and shops vintage stores for items that suit her. That's why in most cases we can covet her clothing, but we may not be able to find it in the stores. I expect to keeping using Sookie's outfits for inspiration though: her cute floral sweaters, her adorable sundresses.

With that, I'll leave you with some great True Blood outfits and ask you, my dear readers, if you have any favorite outfits from the show. Link to them if you can!

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