22 June 2010

This or That

A lot of what is posted in the store is from the same woman.  She's living in assisted care and sold off most of her household at auction.  I wish I had met her, this saver of a woman who kept 40 years worth of clothing neatly tucked away in her house.  In going through these clothes I realized that she had a strong aesthetic.  I get it. If you were to go through my clothes you'd find a lot of leopard print shoes and gray shirts.  For the store I find I immediately gravitate toward red skirts.

So here, for today's post, a bit of this or that.  Let me know which of these options you prefer.

1950s floral cotton:

                        Dress #1                                                                                              Dress #2

Yellow cotton:

                                         Dress #1                                                                                   Dress #2

Blue Roses:

                        Dress  #1                                                                                                               Dress #2                                          


Martha said...

Number one, Number one, and, um, Number one!
But especially the second number one? Is it a.) in your etsy, and b.) able to fit me?

Aimée said...

Oh I do like that one. I have one just like it, also in yellow. It is in my etsy, here's the link http://www.etsy.com/listing/49994753/vintage-1950s1960s-classic-shirtwaist

If you think it might fit and want a try on, let me know!

Erika said...

Okay, 1, 2, and 2. (I feel like I am at the eye doctor).

You are doing so wonderfully with your listings. I am a crazed Etsy stalker now. :)