24 June 2010

My Shop Assistants Revealed

Meet my shop assistants: Pipkin, Thursday, and Gilly.


Pip's our kitten. He's just under a year old.  A wonderful local couple found him wandering around their bushes near the road last summer and took care of him until he was healthy.  Then, they found him a home. My husband was resistant to getting a third, especially a second Siamese, but now he'd never give Pip up.  Pip helps out by keeping my feet warm under my desk and holding the string while I attempt to package.


Thursday has been with us since she was a wee kitten.  Now, she's six!  She used to sleep in flower pots and tissue boxes, but has since graduated to baskets.  Here she is making sure it's the right fit for my laundry.  Thursday is my baby. She's bossy but sweet.  She problem solves and causes havoc like no other kitty I know.  She also makes sure she keeps Pip in line.

Gill is eight this year.  She was rescued from a boarding school where she was living off of compost scraps.  She's our sweetest baby, and if we're all honest, not the brightest.  She is the first kitty to curl up in bed at night with me when I'm reading.  Since it's summer, Gil mostly helps out by watching for the mail from her perch on the front porch. 


Erika said...

While she's not the smartest, we all know that Gil is my favorite. I am one of the few that she allows to pick her up (as long as my crazy preschooler isn't in tow).

lauren said...

i ♥ your shop assistants, they look strikingly similar to my own! ;)

Teresa said...

Pipkin is such a cute and unique name! :D

Jesa said...

stumbled on your blog -lovely!!

and i admire that you choose a rescue! I rescued my pup :)
Cheers, Jesa

godo said...

pip's flaunting that chin just asking to be kissed

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

@Erika - I know Gil loves you. Too bad none of my babies like kids!

@Lauren - there is quite the striking resemblance hehehe

@Teresa - Thanks! All of our babies are named after literary characters. Pipkin is from Watership Down.

@Jesa - Thanks for finding my blog and commenting! My husband and I both think that rescue is the way to go (so cool you rescued your pup!). Also, Siamese are given up quite frequently because their owners aren't ready for their strong personalities.

@godo Pip's chin gets kissed quite frequently which means he's always giving me the "Oh shesh mom, lay off already!" look.