20 April 2011

Worn Vintage

Today I'm wearing a dress that's probably in its last stages of life, but I plan on keeping it and wearing it anyway. When I bought it, it was bound for the shop but the overhead lights in the store kept me from seeing some pretty major flaws. This dress is wash faded, heading more towards gray than black. The fading is a bit heavier on the sleeve where it looks like it got some sun fading. The white apostrophes or commas are painted on and are chipping here and there and there's a small hole on the back of the sleeve. All of these flaws made me hold back from listing it in the shop and on a whim I tried it on this morning.

It fit, so it's now mine and I love it so much it's going to stay with me. 

Do you have vintage with flaws that you still love despite the issues? Or vintage that you love because of their issues?

Outfit consists of:
dress: 1950s black vintage dress found at Goodwill
tank: red lace trim tank found at TJ Maxx
belt: vintage black skinny belt borrowed from another dress
shoes: red ballet flats found at Last Chance


Janae said...

i love a good polka dot dress with red shoes, perfectly classic!

Emily said...


Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thank you! I kind of want to wear that dress every day. It's amazingly comfortable as well.