09 April 2011

Weekend Snippets


I've linked to Polly of The Littlest Polly before, but how could I not. That girl has great style. I feel like I would wear an outfit like this, but she takes it to another level with her unexpected shoe choice.

Brit of Disarming Darling does some pattern mixing and DIY to come up with this one. It makes me want to snip away at some awkward 70s pants to make them into awesome shorts.  I also love how the outfit pulls together tonally and that purse she has is too wonderful.

Ally of The Vintage Valley has achieved outfit perfection in this one. A graphic print dress paired with bright red, but then she adds the unexpected brown shoes and yellow hat. The whole thing is delightfully charming.

Over at Some Like it Haute there's the originator of this lovely outfit. I love the classic lady look on top and the heavier boots on the bottom. This is also some vintage dress DIY, so remember to think of possibilities when out thrifting!

Hey there cute outfit from Kitsune-kun! This is being tucked away in my head as an inspiration for work clothes. I feel like I'm obsessed with longer skirts right now and this one is extremely flattering. Also, plaid love!

Morgan of The Treasure Trove thrifted this great vintage skirt and I like seeing someone working a midi-length. What on some can be awkward looks perfect on her. I love the classic black and white with the pops of red.


CNN's fashion focus takes a look at Nashville where there's a lot of vintage integration and thrifting finds.

Real Simple has a guide to creating a wardrobe-malfunction kit. Since I've been that girl walking around with a magically unbuttoning skirt, I think I should make one. What do you carry with you? 

Check out a brief look at the use of white for wedding dresses. Queen Victoria not so much the originator she's painted as being.

This is actually more of a view, but check out the original photo sources for some pinup pictures at Buzzfeed. What I really love is how in the original photos the ridiculous facial expressions and awkward body positions become much more apparent.


A guest post over on Casey's blog Elegant Musings on how to make a fabric necklace. I have one of these that I bought years ago at H&M and just might have to whip out the ol' sewing machine and try my hand at this. 

I'm kind of in love with old school tutorials and educational videos in general. In fact, I've found a whole channel through my Roku box and can watch them til my heart's content. Check out this one on making the most of your face shape.


Morgan DeLapa said...

Hi this is Morgan from The Treasure Trove! Thank you so much for featuring me!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thanks for stopping in Morgan! I absolutely loved your outfit!