23 April 2011

Not Vintage But Plenty Political

I make no secret of the fact that I'm plenty pro-choice.  We live in a climate where people comfortably proclaim their anti-choice/pro-life views, but to express that you're pro-choice is something to keep quiet. We allow ourselves to be silenced, and in the end we can only blame ourselves for this. The only place I ever keep my political views to myself is the classroom since I believe that students should develop their own critical thoughts and expressive selves without adjusting their views to suit my own.

So here I am, yesterday on Good Friday.  I rolled out of bed and dressed for warmth, not fashion. On went my jeans, my cowl, my thrifted jacket. I added to it a sign provided by my local Planned Parenthood. You see, every year my small town health center gets 150-200 anti-choice protesters standing outside its doors.  In turn, PP holds a visibility event.  I'm here to support them because I want a world in which men and women can access preventative health care, sexual health education, birth control options, and yes, abortion if they choose to. Because that's what choice really means, the choice to seek services or not, the choice to make the right decisions for yourself whatever those may be.

We live in a world in which we try to boil everything down to its simplest points.  Don't believe for a second that either side is just drawing a line in the sand over the issue of abortion. Because the truth is greater and messier than that.

I'll step down off my soapbox for now and we'll get back to our regularly scheduled vintage ASAP.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Well said, Aimee! (And you look cute here, too.)

Emily & Gracie said...

Agreed, that was very well worded! I always appreciate when people get the courage to speak up about this topic in environments where it is usually frowned upon, so for that I thank you!


Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thank you both! I worry that in the future we'll lack access to all of the kinds of services that Planned Parenthood offers. I also hope that we change the response to the debate to include the fact that abortion is only one area in which these sides disagree and that the conversation is actually much larger. So when we say that abortion is only 3-4% of services, we try to neutralize and make unimportant a significant issue and at the same time we don't address how a large percentage of the other services are unwelcome to anti-choice groups as well.