02 April 2011

Weekend Snippets


The darling Sarah Louise (who runs Slubird and Branchbound) took a trip to Nashville and wore this lovely outfit. Perhaps because of the soft blue color of the Rodarte dress she reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, but the real inspiration point is the gorgeous collar she scored while down there.

Talk about glam perfection. I'm dying with jealousy over Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage's pitch perfect outfit. 

Zoe of Lion Heart Vintage is utterly adorable in this. Who wouldn't love to mix leopard and lacey crocheting so easily! And of course, I love her Fieldguided canvas bag.

Celita of Celita Daily Style channels some Edie Sedgwick in this stylish outfit that features a vintage hat and trench. I love the hit of leopard in there!

When I was 17, I was awkward and poorly dressed. I can't say the same for Chloe of Urban Tease who has buckets full of style. She's wearing an adorable subtely printed vintage shirt paired with a skirt she made herself. Kudos to Chloe!

This Chloe is also spectacular. I love the layering and the pairings of color and texture. Plus, eyelet shorts! Me want! 

The Style Voyager looks wonderful in this striped vintage dress. Extra subtle addition to this perfection happens with her tights that also have banding! And I vow to get a hat like the ones she's wearing. 

Vintage skirt with a cat print? You so know I'm in love and Annalise of Hummingbird Girls pairs it beautifully with a modern sweater and vintage hat.


This Victorian dress was made from 1,000 beetle wings and worn by Ellen Terry when she walked the boards in London's Lyceum Theatre as Lady Macbeth.  It's beyond words stunning.

The Sartorialist posts pictures of this beautiful woman and decides that in addition to fashion, he finds it necessary to add commentary about her body. Anger ensues. But follow Angelica Ardasheva regularly here.


Vanessa of The Velvet Bird takes matters into her own hands and makes the perfect pair of Audrey Hepburn inspired capris. She shows you how at the link so you can have a pair too! 


Mystery abounds over the contents of a vintage locket over at Duff's blog. Care to hazard a guess at the mystery lady?


sarah louise said...

Thanks for featuring me with all of these other stylish ladies! And that locket story is so interesting, thanks for linking.

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Thank you for mentioning me on your cute blog. I'm glad you like the kitty skirt as much as I do. I can't wait to go check out the other ladies you featured.

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

I'm glad you both liked the feature! I adore each of your styles!