27 April 2011

Take 2

Pattern is such a rarity in my closet. Obviously solid colors are easier to work with and pair up and this is why they overwhelm my closet.  I'm slowly starting to embrace patterns and I've noticed I'm particularly drawn to abstract ones.  I like the idea of seemingly random splotches of color that resemble a painter's palette.

Do you have any wardrobe hangups that you're working to overcome?

Outfit consists of:
Jacket: black cropped blazer by Allison Taylor found at Last Chance
Blouse: abstract print tank by Petticoat Alley found at TJ Maxx
belt: vintage black skinny belt borrowed from another dress
Skirt: vintage skirt found at Nautie Godiva
Shoes:  black peep toes by apeppaza found at Last Chance

This skirt showed up earlier this semester here.


cara said...

so pretty! i love the colors and patterns you incorporate into your outfits. c:

Brynna said...

cute outfit! i really love that skirt, it's super cute!!