15 April 2011

Birthday Suit

Well, not quite. Today is my birthday. There's a few presents sitting in front of me and I'm trying to resist opening them. Delayed gratification for sure. I'm suprised my husband left them downstairs with me without supervision since I'm the master of opening gifts, peeking, and wrapping them back up.

This is my first birthday without my dad. If he was here, he would be giving me a hug and making me a steak for dinner. Instead, earlier this week I used the gift card that I bought him for his last birthday to get myself a book. I pretended that it was like him buying it for me. If he was here, I would tell him that this book is the start of my research for a new set of poems I'll be working on. It's a long way off, this project, but this is the start.

Here is my outfit today.  As my students said, it's a bit Lion King:

Outfit Consists of:
Sweater: black cardigan by Cable & Gauge found at TJ Maxx
Blouse: black drape front cardigan by soprano found at TJ Maxx
Belt: 1980s black belt borrowed from a vintage dress
Skirt: 1970s yellow lion print full skirt found on ebay
Shoes: black peep toe wedges found at TJ Maxx

And since I forgot to post on Wednesday, here's what I wore then:
Outfit consists of:
Sweater: coral cardigan by Gap found at Second Time Around
Belt: skinny brown belt found at TJ Maxx
Skirt: vintage skirt found at Cheap Jack's
Shoes: brown platform sandals by Nine West found at Marshall's


the gray bird said...

happy birthday, darlin! i hope you're doing okay with everything. it's strong of you to try to find the good in everything... keep doing that and keep your chin up :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Happy birthday, Aimee! You look lovely in *both* outfits. Here's to a hopefully lighter, easier, happier new year for you.

The Church of Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Aimee! I do the same thing w/ gifts, lol. Hope there is much gratication to be had today!