16 April 2011

Weekend Snippets


Andreea of Thrill of the Heel looks absolutely amazing in this outfit. I love this idea for work (although I'd have to wear a longer skirt) and I always advocate for black in any outfit.

I love all of the outfits this week, but I confess this is my favorite. It's the perfect blend of vintage and modern. I feel like I could easily wear this to work, but it has a bit more edge than my typical choices with the addition of that jacket. You can follow her here on chictopia. 

Coury of Fancy Treehouse has miles of style. I love this classic vintage dress and that amazing basket purse. **sigh**

Do you think Lexi of The Second Shop would mind if I stole her dress? And her sweater? I hope not because I want to. 

This dress is Jacqueline's first online vintage purchase! I love to see people trying it out. Jacqueline shortened this dress a bit and I think the length is so much more flattering.

I love the combination of mustard and blue in this outfit styled by Mitzi of Night Lights. Plus, Mitzi's coat is super lovely and has ruffles. I adore me some ruffles.

Staring down death because of fashion? Lady Edith Russell, a lady of fashion and style, almost didn't escape the Titanic because of her choice in skirts. Read about it here and listen to Lady Russell speak here.

Brush up on your 1920s slang. I now know I need to avoid Corn Shredders and Dewdroppers.


Was your mom super stylish? I know my mom was. She got married in pink at the county court house. If you loved your mom's style, you can submit photos of her to My Mom the Style Icon.  I'm pretty sure I can sense my mom scrambling to hide her photos as we speak.

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

These are some well-styled ladies! They all look incredible by I have to admit, my eye was drawn like a magnet to that mustard, ruffled coat. I like a ruffle, too, but especially a sculptural non-foofy (if that makes sense) ruffle like that!

Very nice post. :)