20 March 2011

Wishful Working

It's the last evening before spring break officially ends and of course I'm playing catch up. Correction, I'm procrastinating while playing catch up. Papers to finish grading, articles to write, attendance records to update all under the haze of a ferocious headache. So to cheer myself up, I made a wish of an outfit. I'm on a shopping hiatus for now, so dreaming is all I have.

Working It 2011
Silk cashmere sweater by Sonia available at mywardrobe.com
1930s art deco pin available at Jean Jean Vintage
1980s striped skirt available at Adore Vintage
blue tights by Diane von Fursetnberg available at Matches Fashion
burgundy Parkside Stroll Heel available at Mod Cloth
red briefcase available at River Island


Meghan Brinson said...


Aimée - Vint Condition said...

I so need to go shopping!

two birds said...

those shoes....NEED!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

This is so cool I love that you are putting together these collections! Thanks for including my pin :)