26 March 2011

Weekend Snippets

Great cedar tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, 1897
Great Cedar Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC 1897 - photo from the Musee McCord Museum Collection


 This week marked the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. Glamorous, gorgeous, and endlessly fascinating, Elizabeth Taylor was the very definition of screen legend. Check out this 1949 Time article billing Taylor as the film industry's savior.

CNN, surprisingly, has started a series on fashion trends around the world.  Rather than high fashion, they're focusing on street fashion.  First up, Idaho and then San Francisco. The comments are really rather negative, but that seems to be the trend for most internet articles.


If you wear vintage, try sharing your outfits with this great Flickr group of other rad ladies wearing vintage.

This weekend is another Maple Weekend in New York State. I missed my pancake breakfast last weekend, but I'm certain I will go this weekend.  Go on, support some local maple farms!


Jezebel gives some tips to buying vintage in their ongoing "How to Shop Online" series.  It focuses solely on fit.  I'll note that they forget to add that there should be a difference between your body measurements and the garment measurements or else it's just not going to work.


Over at Haiku Ambulance, Zoe is rocking my favorite pair of socks (get thee to Target now before they're all gone, gone, gone) and manages a crochet collar perfectly. **sigh**

If I could drive to Kaitlyn of Buffalo Stance's house, tackle her, steal these boots and run off with glee, I would.

Polly of The Littelest Polly takes a gorgeous turn of the century wedding dress and makes it work as everyday wear.

While the snow is still falling here in NY, down in TN the weather seems positively spring like. Quincy of Q's Daydream makes me jealous for warm weather in her amazing spring ensemble that includes pants!

 I'm not really into shorts personally, as in I never ever wear them, but I would make an exception for the pair that Mary is wearing on her blog Mary Van Notes.  She does some ultra skillful color matching/combining as well.

Jenna of Smitten Ideology is just plain adorable. I recently stumbled across her blog and love the layering she does.  Her outfits are lovely, but I'm linking to this one because she's wearing a hint of vintage.

 Megan of Another Day to Dress Up is spot on in her boyfriend jeans and vintage blazer. I love this look so much that I've resolved to copy it soon.  I particularly like how the bright colored blazer lining is exposed.

Tanya and Noa have a great blog where they use thrifted and vintage finds to replicate contemporary looks.  Noa recently posted a piece about her $1.00 thrifted harem pants.  I love how she paired opposing stripes for a great visual effect, and really, those harem pants are wonderful.


QuiteQuaint said...

i love the idea of this post, giving ideas on what to read, participate in etc. great idea for a weekend post

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Thank you! It's still evolving, but hopefully heading in the right direction.