31 March 2011

The Genius of Vivienne Westwood

I must confess an adoration of Vivienne Westwood's designs.  I love her range and evolution of style in her clothing.  As for Westwood herself, while I don't find myself agreeing with a lot of her statements, I do enjoy how brash and unabashedly herself she is.  She's unapologetic and forthright.  I imagine conversation with her would be a whirlwind.

For Westwood fans, or simply fans of fashion, the Museum at FIT is hosting an exhibition of her work.  It's through their accompanying site to the exhibition that I found this interview with Westwood:


I love that she confesses to hating being a designer and that the love of her profession had to develop over time.

And then this awkward 1988 interview with the BBC:

The whole thing makes me cringe. It makes me wonder why they chose to invite her on the show when their intention was to ridicule her and her work. Westwood begins the show thinking she will seriously be able to preview her work not expecting that the goal was to poke fun at her reputation.

What are your thoughts on Vivienne Westwood?


Vintage Seen said...

love her. a store near me has a cool collection of these jelly-ish shoes of hers and they are amazing...she's wonderful!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

She's just sort of fascinating, isn't she. I need to go find more interviews with her since she's clearly exploding with ideas.