09 March 2011

A Northern Spring

Today's post includes a few more pictures than usual, because I wanted to show you all what a North Country spring looks like. Because that's what I hear, that spring is right around the corner. Right...around....the....ummm no.  It snowed 22" on Sunday into Monday. That's on top of the snow we already had.  Meanwhile I'm keeping an eye on our river. It doesn't usually flood and we sit up rather high, but in a few weeks this snow will melt and the ice on the river will start breaking up. We live near the old dam and the half destroyed wall slows the water and forces it through a few small openings. While it hasn't jammed before, it's best to be cautious about it.

This is my front walkway, and the front of my house.  Neither the husband or I have enough energy to make this path any wider.  If you look at my January outfit posts, this is also the walkway that I was standing on then. That's back when the snow was so low you could still see the tops of the plants I didn't pull up in the fall.

Today I tried a mix of layering and color combining that weren't immediately obvious choices for one another.  I paired a casual long sleeve tee with a fancier tank top and even fancier jacket.  Collabritively they work to create an outfit that can easily blend.  I taught in this and ran to the grocery store, but I could easily take this to a meeting or on a date.  Also tonally the pale seafoam green shirt and green skirt work together, neither too bright for the other, and weighted with the through line of browns.

Outfit consists of:

Jacket: 1950s white swing coat
Necklace: 1940s book locket necklace found at Jean Jean Vintage (cute book lockets from Jean Jean here and here)
Shirt: stone colored long-sleeved tee by Mossimo Supply found at Target
Tank: seafoam green ruffle tank found at Banana Republic Outlet
Belt: brown skinny belt found at TJ Maxx
Skirt: 1980s green skirt found at Cheap Jack's (similar here at Greatest Friend and here at Great Grandma Agnes)
Tights: brown windowpane striped tights found in Florence, Italy
Boots: brown boots by BP found at Last Chance


Erika said...

Okay, dearest. I love the outfit and you know I love those boots. However, you are turning into that person who has a million pairs of shoes & boots, but wears the same ones over and over. If you don't show some love to your other shoes, I am going to have to come and steal them away from you.

Of course I am kidding. You always look so fabulous.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh sister, as your northern neighbor to the west, I relate to the visuals here! Some of our snow has actually melted away, in the lovely icy rains of Michigan in March. (We had graupel yesterday.)

Love the outfit and the colors--and that cozy white wrap! Here's to no flooding.